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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  January 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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areas this morning. snow showers. a couple of spots seeing a little coating. couple of flakes out there. we'll look at doppler in a moment. we're expecting some sun this morning. more clouds later this morning through the day. that will yield some flurries and snow showers at times. northwest wind at 15 to 25 miles per hour. temps in the low 30s for highs. we feel like they're in the teens and low 20s. cold day relative to what we've had most of the winter. you can see the snow showers in pennsylvania and western maryland and west virginia, they're coming in out of northern virginia. live doppler 9000 hd, we're watching this activity as it is pulling out of winchester coming down route 50 south of barrysville, another area from hagerstown to almost point of rock. jefferson toward brunswick, everything moving into southwestern areas in frederick county, maryland, the whole's is moving off toward the southeast. this may clip extreme southwest fauquier county. your temps, they're running in the 20s, mid to upper 20s here in washington with some teens in garrett county.
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winter storm warning is in effect until 4:00 p.m. 31 in annapolis. wind chills before i step out, this is why you have to bundle up. one of the coldest days we've seen so far this winter season. let's step in now with timesaver traffic. here's monika samtani. it is 6:00 a.m., monika. >> you're not only feeling the cold, you're feeling the traffic. this is the outer loop of the beltway live from our sky 9 and it is right at georgia avenue with an accident involving two vehicles, you can see one here facing the wrong direction on the shoulder and then the other one is closer to the exit for georgia avenue and almost blocked blocking that exit. we'll go to the mdot camera. i saw them trying to look for the delays on the outer loop of the beltway to our mdot camera. here's what it looks like at colesville road, basically stop- and-go traffic right now trying to get through silver spring on the west side of the beltway, northside heading westbound to the beltway in silver spring. keep that in mind. let's go to the maps. i can show you exactly where it
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is on the northside here. you can see the yellow forming. it will be red pretty soon through the silver spring area to the accident. now, we'll go over to 270. no problems here as you head south from frederick. you will be ok to the beltway. if you're headed to the inner loop, those lanes are open through silver spring. let's take a live picture elsewhere. if you're planning to head here on route 50 and the beltway, no problems through new carrollton. we're looking fine on the east side of the beltway through college park and oxon hill. more on what's going on in silver spring coming up at 6:12. back to you guys. well, today is the day that it is not going to matter what the polls say. voters in iowa will have the final say. in the first major contest of the election year. >> g.o.p. presidential hopefuls are shaking every hand they can find in the state. the latest poll shows mitt romney and ron paul neck and neck. romney has 24% of support. paul says he doesn't envision himself in the white house. even though he's near the top of the pack, he says the odds
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of his winning are slim. however, romney is expressing confidence he says he will win iowa and become the republican nominee for president but it seems some iowa voters aren't as convinced about romney. >> i think that romney probably has got the presidential look. i'm not a mitt romney fan at all. >> michele bachmann is continuing her push despite being in last place. her camp along with the other candidates are bombarding eye owe wants with last-minute calls. bachmann who was born in the state is counting on those who haven't made up their minds. >> we saw thousands of people slip and go from undecided or from another candidate and go our way. >> no matter what happens in iowa, the congresswoman said she is going to south carolina. governor rick perry and newt gingrich are at the back of the pack. >> rick santorum is gaining ground in iowa. he's in third. he spent the day before the caucus at the pizza ranch in newton trying to stir up
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another votes. however, a recent comment he made sunday in souix city, iowa during a stop with the department of welfare could stir up a little controversy today. >> i don't want to make black people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money. i want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money. and provide for themselves and their families. >> so, we called the santorum campaign yesterday to ask why he singled out blacks in the statement as opposed to anyone receiving welfare. first, a spokesperson said he didn't recall the candidate saying anything like that. later, he said he doesn't know the context in which the statement was made. the man suspected in the shooting death of a mt. rainier national park ranger has been found dead. the shooter's victim margaret anderson lived and worked in virginia with her husband. those who knew her from the jerusalem lutheran church in lovettsville say anderson was a devoted wife, adoring mother and a spiritual woman. she and her family moved to
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washington state in 2008. i think she's in a place god has called her to. >> police say anderson was shot to death sunday by 24-year-old benjamin barnes who was also a suspect in a quadruple shooting. his body was found partially submerge inned a creek. park rangers say the man wasn't equipped to handle extreme temperatures. he was only wearing a t-shirt, jeans and one shoe. alcohol was a factor in the deadly new year's day crash in bethesda according to 9news now sources. the crash happened on jones bridge road early sunday morning. 20-year-old nick clayton and 18-year-old caitlin marie gallagher were both killed. friends say gallagher was in her second trimester of pregnancy and clayton's mother had just died months earlier. the two were riding in a white 2007 trailblazer when the driver lost control of the suv, barreled over the sidewalk and slammed into a fence and hit a tree. >> a mother and her two children are alive and a
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virginia man is behind bars after the woman was unable to stop her car. police say someone cut her brake line. when she took off, the brakes didn't work. fortunately, she was able to eventually bring the car to a stop. 36-year-old kevin reilly of fall brook lane was arrested for allegedly tampering with the car. police say he knows the victim. well, the roads will definitely be more crowded this morning, especially at 395 at seminary road. >> wow. all 6400 mark center employees will be in the complex which could equal one of those hurry and wait sclia enionsalves join live from 395 where the expected congestion will be. delia, are we seeing signs of early birds taking your advice and leaving early? >> reporter: absolutely. in the last half hour, about a several dozen cars have been filing into the development here so the work day here at the mark center has officially begun. a lot of folks heeding the warnings that they've been
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hearing for months at this point. years even. and they left the house early. take a look. some of the cars that are streaming in right now. they left the house early to try to beat the traffic. many predicted that this day would be a traffic nightmare. the final federal employee move into the mark center as part of the 2005 base realignment program. we're talking a total of 6400 people commuting to the alexandria building. now, that's on top of the estimated 200,000 who already travel on 395 every day. virginia lawmakers have long lobbied against this plan because of the traffic problems. here's what they had to say some time ago when congress finally struck a deal with the army to provide 2,000 parking spaces here. >> the pentagon is responsible for building the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the 6,400 additional employees moving into that building. >> i'll go pick him up in march once the building is at full
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occupancy and drive him to the mark center during the rush hour traffic. >> that was senator warner's advice or maybe offer i should say to secretary of defense leon panetta some time ago. there is no metro access here. a lot of employees who aren't driving and facing the traffic on the highways, they'll be taking shuttles from metro station directly here to the mark center. coming up in the next half hour, we'll tell you why some people are concerned about safety and in this location. back to you, andrea. >> delia gonsalvess reporting live from alexandria, virginia. >> well, it is tuesday. the holidays are over but jessica doyle is back. to watch your money. >> she's watching you spend more of it apparently on some vacations. >> that's right. 2012 could bring some more expensive european vacations. we're not talking chevy chase. we're talking vacations in europe. as of january 1st flights in and around europe will be liable for the carbon
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emissions, the cost could be passed on to you. european airlines are not happy about this. here's what you need to know. any flight to and from europe will also be subject to these emission rules. this is key. the entire flight even if it starts or ends in the u.s. is now subject to the new european union rules, not just for the length of the flight in european skies. british air way's parent aig estimate this will cost more than $100 million this year. under a carbon trading system, companies have to hold carbon credits to emit greenhouse gases. ultimate goal is to push industries toward greener technology. critics say, including the u.s. state department, this amounts to an unfair tax on companies based outside of the eu. the extra cost could amount to as much as $16 each way. airlines won't be able to bury additional fees and taxes in the fine print anymore. beginning this month, new regulations from the transportation department require airlines to include all mandatory taxes and fees and
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advertised fares. up until now, the department has allowed airlines and travel agencies to list government- imposed fees separately. that can add 20% or more to a tickets price. the advertising rule will go into effect january 26th. southwest, allegiant and spirit have filed appeals to have the rule overturned. they argue it violates commercial free speech rights. other passenger protections go into effect including a ban on price increases after a ticket has been purchased and a 24- hour window to hold or cancel a reservation without penalties. good consumer protections kicking in for your airline. >> that sounds nice for a change. >> pretty good stuff. >> the airlines will figure out a way to get around it. we'll pay for it in the end. >> they're pretty smart. >> thank you, jess. >> how about good news. a sign the economy could slowly be turning around. >> super bowl ad time is already sold out! you know the super bowl commercials like this one by volkswagen are just as fun to watch as the game.
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sometimes better than the game. all of the 30-second slots reportedly sold out by thanksgiving and get this, the cost, a whopping $3.5 million a pop! 30 seconds! in the recent years, many of the bigger companies ditched the super bowl ads to save money. this year, expect to see g.m. and celebrities like jillian michaels and the pussycat dolls for >> that commercial cracks me up. >> it is the number one commercial of 2011. >> i love it. >> still ahead, an arrest in a series of car fires in los angeles. at 6:13, how the suspect was nabbed. >> plus something we've been spared from snow and the problems it brings. not so for one state. that story is coming up at 6:14.
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welcome back. just before we toss it over to howard, want to give you a heads up on the school issue thises morning because it is so cold, school closings to tell you about. allegheny county schools are closed in maryland. garrett county schools in maryland are closed as well. >> grant was on a two hour delay and union county -- >> educational complex. >> there you go. >> all right. >> we've got some snow showers flying up there. we'll see some of those later. a cold day. windy, too. high temps only in the upper 20s. wind chills, teens and 20s. we'll look at doppler. here's monika with timesaver traffic. >> we'll take a live look from sky 9. accident in silver spring. outer loop at georgia avenue.
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everything has been moved to the shoulder but the damage is done. delays begin in college park. more on that and other area roadways coming up at 6:15. back to you. >> it is 6:15 right now. here is a look at other stories making headlines this morning. >> a tragic start to the new year for a georgia family. an suv plowed through their valdosta home. 3-month-old was killed and his 2-year-old brother is fighting for his life in intensive care. stewart said she was asleep in the living room when the vehicle crashed through the wall. the grandmother was in another part of the home and says she immediately jumped out of the bed and could hear her daughter screaming for her child. the driver of the suv is facing charges of vehicular homicide and reckless driving now. a german national is arrested in connection with dozens of arson fires around the los angeles area. investigators say harry burkhart was stopped by a reserve sheriff's deputy in a van. arson investigators were searching for in connection with the crime. the first thing he told police was when he was caught was i
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hate america. since friday, more than 50 blazes were set in hollywood, west hollywood and the san fernando valley. cars were destroyed and buildings were torched. earthquakes in ohio are being blamed on how waste water from oil and drilling was disposed. there have been 11 minor quakes since last spring. quake expert says it may take a year for the waste water related rumbling to stop. it is a problem with injection wells. they have been suspected in quakes in arkansas, colorado and oklahoma. a ski trip comes to a deadly end after an avalanche in canada. the victim was a certified ski patroller. he and three others had been skiing deep in the back country. there had been avalanche warnings because of the darkness. the only way they were able to get to the remote scene was on skis and snowmobiles. by the time anyone got to them, the man had died.
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>> one crash after another in indianapolis, indiana thanks to snow. the accident started late in the afternoon. police say about 70 crashes and slideoffs took place. one big crash involved 18 vehicles. no one was seriously injured. a lot of property damage. >> we still haven't received much snow. judging by what things look like in south bend, indiana, it is a good thing to be missing out. lake-effect snow started falling late sunday and isn't expected to stop until early tomorrow. when all is said and dob, local forecasters are expecting as much as ten inches of snow. i want it in the mountains for the skiers. i do not want it in the valley below for us. >> even the ski areas have been tough and hard-pressed even to make snow. we have a little cold for a day or two. >> we don't want it here. >> it should be pretty good build-up. if you can get off by thursday, friday, to go skiing, they'll make a lot of snow today, tomorrow into wednesday. let's talk about what's
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happening. coldest air of the season moving in. causing snow showers out there. our day planner, some sun early giving way to more sunshine. bus stop forecast, excuse me, more clouds. this morning, partly cloudy. partly sunny, partly cloudy. cold and windy with a few snow showers out there. temps in the 20s. wind chills mainly in the teens. sunrise at 7:27. now, the day planner with some sun early. more clouds as the day wears on here in washington. north and west, we'll see flurries this morning. middle of the day into the afternoon. temperatures barely get above freezing. northwest winds 15, 25 miles per hour. gusting to 30. we'll have wind chills holding in the teens and low 20s. we've been watching the snow showers across pennsylvania, western maryland, they snuck into parts of north central maryland right now. live doppler 9000 hd, we'll give you the big overview first. nothing toward the metro south
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and east. as we go up into virginia, along route 50 coming out of winchester, down to steven city, south and southeast toward upperville and middleburg there. over to aldie, you may get in on some snow flurries. want to show you one more stop up north in hagerstown down toward frederick. pretty hefty snow showers from wolfville through meyerville. just on the west side of frederick. going up 15, this will be crossing in the next few minutes. urbana, in about 15, 20 minutes. maybe even drift into northern montgomery county over the next 30 to 40 minutes. that's about it for the moment. temperatures this morning we're in the 20s here. lots of teens out in the ohio valley and the midwest. when you factor in the wind, wind chill is about 20. look at the areas north and west. lot of cold air north and west. that will be headed toward us for today, tonight and the first half of tomorrow.
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29 at reagan national. feels like 20. the dew points are down in the mid teens right now. very dry, cold arctic air has moved in. you can see the results with the snow showers from the mountains of north carolina all the way up to new york state and northern new england where the snow is flying. we'll have snow showers around today and late this afternoon. not so much tonight. another shot later on tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night before things start to moderate. today, 33. couple of snow showers and flurries. tomorrow, 36 after starting in the teens and 20s with a chance again for some afternoon, evening flurries and snow showers. 45 on thursday. by friday and saturday, back above 50. some rain which may end as snow late on monday. monday temps near 40. monika stepping in with timesaver traffic. >> a lot heavier this morning on the interstates than it was last week or the week before. so, give yourself the extra time. you'll need to deal with this heavy volume. everyone trying to get back to work on the normal routine.
6:21 am
95, not much different than what i'm talking about. let's take a live look into springfield. delays from lorton to this point. heavy and steady traffic with the lanes open. live look here at duke street, look at how heavy that is. trying to get up toward seminary road with of course a lot more company today with a new mark center open today at seminary road. everyone trying to exit there and trying to figure out their way around there. this is what it looks like in landmark up toward seminary road. look back over to the map. this time head further west. no problems on the dulles toll road from leesburg. 66 looks ok. slow stuff. let's take a live look overall. manassas to centreville and route 50 to 123. back over to the maps again. this time, we'll talk about trains where everything is running on time on metro, mark and vre. another look around town coming up at 6:25. back to you. all right, monika. before we take a break, it is time to take a look at the question of the morning and
6:22 am
today's question concerns driving skill which most men accuse women of not being able to do. what percentage of men admit they do not know how to pair little park. is it... >> facebook friend ingrid says it is c. 6% men never admit when they can't do something. we'll have the answer at 6:49. stay with us.
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welcome back. 6:25. your weather first. we're looking at a couple of school closings and delays. garrett county schools in maryland are closed. ball game county schools are closed. west virginia, two hour delay. elk garden school in west virginia, also on a two-hour delay all due to the snow flying to our north and west. our day planner, we're looking at the threat for snow showers and flurries even here in the
6:26 am
metro. as temperatures will be -- computer goes. temperatures will be struggling to get into the lower 30s. wind chills holding in the teens and 20s with brisk northwesterly winds, some snow flying this morning already. we'll look at live doppler 9000 hd coming up right at 6:30. right now, let's go over to mike. >> good morning, everybody. redskin were packing up yesterday, couldn't help but wonder which veteran players were making their final march out of the park. maybe cooley, maybe fletcher. cooley is owed $3.8 million next season and the 'skins also have fred davis. you keep them both? cooley missed most of the season with a bad knee and broke his hand. fletcher is a free agent but reports say he's coming back. now, both commenting on their futures yesterday. i have no doubt that i'll be here. i'm excited to continue to be a part of this team and continue to play the game that i love. >> i want to be a part of something where i helped establish something.
6:27 am
call me crazy but like i said, it is also really up to them whether i'm still here or not. >> wizards in boston last night. flip saunders gets ejected after arguing fouls 2:00 into the game. his guys played pretty well in his absence. andre, grown man move plus one. 1:30 to go, john wall, the turnover. he had seven. allen with a kill shot. wizards remain winless. maryland women up to number five in the country. acc opener last night at florida state. they were just too big for the lady seminoles. hawkins inside a hawk move 20 points, 13 boards. thomas with a little shimmy to the ten. she had a double-double as well. 21-10. terps remain undefeated. 91-70. that will do it for your sports this morning. have a great tuesday, everybody. >> what could be a traffic nightmare for some heading into
6:28 am
virginia this morning? we'll let you know. delia gonsalvess is live with the details. >> soon, where you drive, you'll be able to know how long it takes. we'll be right back.
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welcome back.
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6:31. just about 6:32. this is the place you can always get your weather first. how about we look at 395 north of duke street. well, well, well, the traffic is building. monika samtani will have more on that in just a moment. >> thank you for starting your tuesday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. it is a cold one. 29 degrees here in northwest. and that is why howard bernstein is bundled up and i'm sure he will run through each piece of clothing for you. howard? >> we've got it all on. if we had more, we would put it on. hat would be better than earmuffs today. we have wind chills down in the teens. and 29 without wind. it would be ok. not nearly as bad but with the wind chills, it is painful. day planner, some sunshine although we've had a few snow flurries. some sun early. more clouds as the day wears on with the threat for flurries and snow showers greater this afternoon. highs not very high. low 30s. wind 20 to 25 out of the northwest. that will really do a number with the wind chills. you see the snow showers especially in pennsylvania,
6:33 am
western maryland. some have snuck into northern virginia and parts of central maryland here. you can see it from along 66 along strasburg into northern fauquier county gliding south and east. snow showers from around frederick south down 270 sneaking in toward hyattsville there in northern montgomery county. and all of this is moving southeast. bunded up. don't be surprised to see a few flurries and snow showers. >> if you're traveling around town. no problems to report right now on the beltway with the exception of the slow traffic. if you look at the red on the northside of town on the outer loop, that's because there was an accident at georgia avenue and that slowed things down for the morning rush hour coming around from 95 from georgia avenue. it is not there anymore. the slow traffic is left over for you. 270, if you're planning to come in from frederick. normal slow traffic. live look, overall, delays beginning at 85 down to 121.
6:34 am
here at falls road it looks fine to the point where the lanes divide. back over to the maps, we'll head all the way down to southern maryland. an accident in brandywine on route 5 at birch hill road as we travel up from route 5, one lane is blocked there. no problems to report beyond that headed to the beltway. we'll take a live look near andrews air force base in the beltway. looking good down to oxon hill and the wilson bridge, all lanes are open on the south side of town. we'll go into virginia and the slow traffic on 395 at 6:45. mike and andrea. >> we just showed. >> picture of the traffic. if you're heading anywhere near there, pack your patience. >> oh, my. that's because this morning, thousands of employees are expected to converge on the mark center. this whole thing started late last year and now the move is complete. which could possibly mean we're not predicting anything here, it really could mean a traffic nightmare. we're hoping it doesn't happen.
6:35 am
delia gonsalves joins live where she's seen people moving on in. >> good morning, delia. >> good morning. it is very busy here now. lots of folks are coming in. for the last hour, we've been seeing tons of cars driving into the mark center. i just saw a man dropping off his wife. i asked him how the commute was. he said it wasn't too bad. i asked him if he wanted to come on camera. he said no way. i think folks are happy they got here early and then they need to get back on the roads to get to where they're going next. prepare for a long commute. you didn't want to say it but i will. it will be a traffic nightmare. the problem, this massive building came in before any of the improvements to the road were complete. those aren't going to be done until 2016! so, in the meantime, today is the big test. how will our local highways handle the 6400 federal employees on top of the normal 200,000 daily commuters. the move to the mark center is
6:36 am
part of the 2005 base realignment program. many have tried to stop the project not only because of these traffic concerns but because of public safety as well. >> you've got 6,000 federal employees who are in a building within eyesight of the interstate highway. it can be approached from multiple directions and the number of guards relatively modest. then when you add the structural weakness of the building in places, you say to yourself what were they thinking? >> despite the critics however, we're here and everyone is promising the utmost security, folks streaming into work. if you haven't left the house already, good luck! it is going to be a long drive. back to you. >> thank you, delia. >> reporting live from alexandria. >> if you're driving along one busy arlington roadway, you'll know how how long it will take for you to reach your destination. a real time travel system will be installed with message signs
6:37 am
for drivers. county is still looking for a contractor to build a ten mile communications network. the network will be built along clarendon and wilson boulevards, columbia pike and lee highway. >> 6:37. jessica doyle is here with another "your money" report. >> apparently men are getting all of the jobs nowadays. >> i feel like singing that song it is a man's world. polish up the resume, boys. our partners at "usa today" report men are winning more than 2/3 of new private sector jobs being created as this economy recovers. this is reversing a long- running trend that had women close to becoming the majority in the work force. government figures show nearly 1.3 million men picked up jobs in november. that's more than double the number for the ladies. what's really interesting here, hundreds of thousands of men are being hired for retail jobs, an industry once dominated by women. that's a trend that even has
6:38 am
economists scratching their heads. men did take the brunt of layoffs during the recession. even expensive electric cars can be recalled sometimes. fis ker automotive are calling back the karmas because of a potential coolant leak. it will cost you about $100,000. company says improperly installed hose clamps on the car's battery pack could cause coolants to leak which could start a fire. fisk will replace the battery pack. no incidents have been reported. the company has sold 50 karmas. >> it was the most requested holiday gift but a lot of people will forget that they even got it. a survey shows $41 billion has been wasted on gift cards purchased for presents over the last seven years. the tower group research firm found a huge chunk of the loss occurred from 2005 to 2009 because of fees and expiration
6:39 am
dates. 2009 credit card act forbids fees on gift cards and they cannot expire within five years of the purchase date. you stick it in your wallet and you forget you have it. >> what about the ones we have before. grandfathered in. >> check them out. you never know. i just found an old bookstore one. i'm going to go buy something with it. >> thank you, jess. it is the number one resolution for just about everybody. every new year it seems. lose weight. >> it was number two this year but coming up at 6:46, something to help the women make sure they have all of the support they need. >> first, howard will have your forecast and it is chilly. 29 degrees here in northwest as we look out over the washington monument. we'll be right back. alright everybody, get your heads up.
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let's go! let's go! 3 1/2 million members. 3 1/2 million stories. navy federal credit union. good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 6:43. howard is here. he's back from a relaxing vacation with the in-laws. >> relaxing, in-laws? c'mon. let's be real.
6:44 am
>> i'm not saying a word. >> i don't know relaxing would be the right term though. we had good moments. celebrated a 50th anniversary for them. >> that's a good moment. >> let's talk about this morning. we've got some snow in spots. some areas picking up a coating with some of the brief, heavy snow showers. live doppler 9000 hd. the big story, the cold. that's where we start with our bus stop forecast. it is a cold morning out there. call it partly sunny. should have included some flurries and snow showers especially north and west. for the rest of us, cold and windy. sunrise, 7:27. still got a ways to go. the day planner, little sunshine this morning with more clouds, i think middle of the day and the afternoon. that would lead to more flurries and snow showers as well. temperatures are not going to move much. they'll only make it into the low 30s, maybe 33, 34 in spots. with the wind out of the northwest at 15 to 25, not going to feel anywhere near
6:45 am
that close. feel like it is in the teens and 20s all day. here is a look at the snow showers coming through northern virginia into areas of fauquier and prince william county. montgomery county, maryland, live doppler 9000 hd. we'll show you what's happening here. got it now from boyd, up 270 from germantown. father hurley up through clarksburg. on the east side of 270 from walkersville as you're headed toward mt. airy, the darker blues south of walkersville, some heavier snow showers that are out there. we're also watching the activity off to our west this morning. you can see it here in prince william and fauquier counties as well. south of i-66. warrerenton and the plains head over toward manassas and haymarket. all moving off toward the east and southeast of prince william county. you'll get snow showers headed your way over the next hour.
6:46 am
temps are running in the 20s to 30. when you factor in the winds, the wind chills make it feel like it is 11 in hagerstown. only 20 here in washington. 29 officially at reagan national. clear skies and a west- northwest wind at 10. gusts have been 20, 22. that's where you need to bundle up. cold air spills in over the open lakes, we've got the snow showers going on this morning. we'll have scattered flurries and snow showers and another shot tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening before we start to see warmer air build in for the latter half of the work week. today, 33. windy. won't feel like that with flurries and snow showers. teens and 20s tonight warming to the mid to upper 30s on wednesday with late day nurse and snow showers again. milder still on friday and saturday in the 50s. by sunday, rain develops which may end as a little bit of snow. high temperatures falling on monday to near 40. monika stepping in.
6:47 am
timesaver traffic. getting worse by the second, isn't it? >> it is what we expected, howard. the first week of january, everybody is headed back to work. back to school. and you see all of the red up here on the beltway. that's because we started the morning rush hour with an accident at georgia avenue. it has been cleared but left all of that slow traffic coming out from college park. in southern maryland, an accident in brandywine on route 5 at birch hill road, moved to the left shoulder. expect a bit of slow traffic through that area as well. let's take a look at virginia on the northbound side of i-95. overall delays in woodbridge. basically, it is pretty solid from lorton trying to get into springfield. further north on to 395. we've been telling you have to welcome over 6,000 new dod personnel to the mark center at seminary road. therefore, you've got the slow traffic beginning at ed edsall road. it will be continuous. we'll take a look there live. here's where everybody is exiting into the mark center. this week, it will take a lot
6:48 am
of getting used to. hopefully it will get better. coming up, another look around the area at 6:58. back to you. thank you, monika. >> yesterday, we talked about new year's resolutions and at the top of the list, lose weight and that means get more exercise. for some women, work out can be a little challenging if they don't have the right support. this morning, alley is back with us to talk about finding the right sports bra for your workout regimen. welcome back. happy new year to you. >> you were here the last time talking about the best fit for a regular bra. won't that suffice? >> you really want a specialty bra for your workout. in part because you want to have something that's special rise for that activity and sports bra will give you better support. it is designed to really hold you in so that you're not bouncing around. it is the bouncing that will stretch the ligaments and that can lead to ill effects down the road. >> you have brought your friend and model back with us.
6:49 am
she's wearing a really gorgeous bra. tell us about that and you know, i mean she looks great. what size is she? >> she's actually wearing a 28s which most people would be shocked to hear. >> an f, we think of someone really kind of large breasted. >> right. the misdescription and one of the greatest misconceptions about bra size that the smaller your band, the larger the cup becomes. because she has such a tiny rib cage, she wears a larger cup size. >> it is a good-looking bra. talk about the back and how it is fitting across the back. >> thank you. she has a back that is firm, anchored and horizontal. that's what you want in order to have it do the job of supporting your breasts. the band should be doing 90% of the work to support your breasts. >> as far as the front is concerned, i know when you were talking about regular bras, nothing spilling out over the top. this is a very good fit. >> it is. an excellent fit.
6:50 am
this is new to the market. it even has, in the back, a little hook so that you can convert the straps from regular to like a razorback. >> where would you be able to find it? >> in specialty stores around town and also on line at bare >> a good way to start off the new year. if you look good, you'll feel good. you might want to work out more. >> and keep the resolutions. >> ali, thank you very much. good way to keep the resolutions. >> mike? >> all right, thanks, andrea. it is time to answer the question of the morning. what percentage of men admit they do not know how to parallel park? they're admitting it now. our facebook friend james says definitely 6%. i know for a fact i can't parallel park and when people ask me, i say yes and struggle my way into the space before letting somebody else do it for me. the answer is 16% of men will actually admit they don't know how to parallel park. thanks for adding your
6:51 am
information in this morning. we're back right after this with the news before you go. stay with us. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday.
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dunkin' sausage pancake bites, delicious like mom's, only easier to carry -- get three for $1.59. 6:54. some snow showers out there west and north of town. we'll have flurries and snow showers a little bit at times today with highs only in the low 30s and wind chills in the teens and tos. mike? >> thanks, howard. check of the news before you go. 6:54. alcohol may have been a factor in a new year's day double fatal accident according to 9news now sources. 20-year-old nick clayton and 18-year-old caitlin marie gallagher were killed in the wreck. gallagher was in the second trimester of pregnancy. >> commuters are bracing for more traffic headaches at seminary road. all 6400 mark center employees have moved into the building and many are expected to head back to work today.
6:55 am
adding to the already congested woes. by this time tomorrow, we'll know who won the first major g.o.p. contest of the election year. the iowa caucuses are this evening and the candidates are shaking as many hands and making as many calls as they can get to try to get 41% of the expected who will change their minds when they get into the voting booth. >> our time is 6:55. >> we'll be right back with another check of weather and traffic when 9news now returns. stay with us.
6:56 am
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welcome back. check of one more thing before we go. there is a mt. airy thrift shop looking to give back some cash. >> someone donated clothing and they go through all of the pockets all the time. one pocket they found $100 in cash and they're looking for the original owner so they can give it back even though they could use the money themselves. they say if it is yours, we want to give it back to you. >> if it is yours, just give it to them. >> she said the repairs would be very needed and the $100 could go a long way but if someone mistakenly put it in there, forgot that they had it, they want to make sure the person gets it. that's the st. james episcopal church thrift shop. they have some pretty strict criteria to make sure they give
6:59 am
it to the right person. >> snow showers near warrennenton and north of frederick, maryland. winds are moving northeast at about 30 miles per hour. quick little coating. blustery, flurries and snow showers tomorrow, another shot in the afternoon and evening of snow showers. milder by thursday and friday. monika? >> big story this morning, of course has been all of the new commuters on 395 at seminary road headed for the mark center. this is what they're dealing with leaving the beltway to seminary. going to be like that this week. quick look from sky 9. this is what it looks like from about route 50. quick look at 270. an accident reported at route 28. here's what it looks like at falls road. >> as for wall street, first trading day of the new year and we are looking higher this morning. >> all right. "the early show" is next with more on the iowa caucuses. >> see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great


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